Raudato Adabil Fatemi

Raudato Adabil Fatemi


August 26, 2016

MSB haidery organized Majlis of Raudat-ol-Adab-il-Fatemi on the auspicious occasion of Zikra Milad Syedna Taher Saifuddin r.a and to avail barakaat of Izhaar un Nauh wal Aweel amongst four MSB houses i.e. Sabr, Adal, Yaqeen and Jihad.

Students got selected for Best of 3 Round by writing maximum abyaat in the Selection Round.

35 students were selected from each house.

The competition for Best of 3 Round was between Sabr and Jihad, in which Jihad won the first round and Sabr won the other two, to qualify for the Final.  Second competition was between Adal and Yaqeen, in which Adal won the first two rounds to qualify for the Final.

Final round of this competition was between Sabr and Adal, and it was performed in front of students of class 5-11, in Dirasat Islamiyah activity lesson.
It was very well organized and after a tough competition between two houses, Adal finally took the lead and went on to win the competition.

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