Events 2023-24
STREAM Fair 2024

 Unveiling the Magic of STREAM: On Saturday 20 January 2024  MSB Haidery STREAM Fair showcased captivating projects that seamlessly integrated literature, arts, and the essence of STREAM.

14th August Celebration

Proudly Celebrating 76 Years of Pakistan’s Independence at Msb Haidery The dawn of this historic day was embraced with heartfelt Dua and engaging skits by our talented young minds, reflecting the spirit of patriotism and unity. As the sun rose higher, our students gathered on the grounds with utmost respect as our esteemed Principal hoisted the flag of Pakistan, a symbol of our unity and pride. The day continued with a graceful ceremony of cake cutting, symbolizing thesweetness of freedom and the bright future our students are shaping.

Parent's Orientation

Guiding our little stars towards a bright future!

Had a wonderful time meeting our dedicated parents at MSB Haidery’s Orientation Day, where we shared insights into the school’s rules and regulations, introduced our amazing teaching team, and gave a sneak peek into the exciting journey ahead this year. Together, let’s nurture knowledge and shape young minds with care and love.

Investiture Ceremony

On the 2nd of September, MSB Haidery, Karachi, marked a significant milestone in its journey as they celebrated an inspiring Investiture Ceremony. This memorable occasion saw the appointment of not one, but TWO head boys and head girls, accompanied by a dynamic team of deputy head boys, captains, vice-captains, and prefects.

In the spirit of unity and Islamic values, these student leaders have taken on the vital responsibility of upholding school rules and regulations. But their role extends beyond that. They will also spearhead charity drives, promote Islamic teachings, and ensure the overall well-being of our cherished school community.

As we embark on this journey of leadership and service, we invite you to join us and witness the positive impact these young leaders will make.

Field Trip - Quaid e Azam House
Young Author's Book Launch

Celebrating the incredible talent of our nine

Student Bazaar

The Student Bazaar was a special event that aligns perfectly with the values of the community and the Business Mindedness Initiative at MSB School. This event is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial competencies of our students, which resonate with the core beliefs of the Dawoodi Bohra Community.

The students’ engagement in organizing this small entrepreneurial fair, “Student Bazaar,” as part of their Social Studies course on Business & entrepreneurial skills, was absolutely gratifying. The practical display of their learning in this course, which included business plans, marketing, advertising, negotiating, seeking permissions from authorities, etc., as pre-event tasks, and the display of their confidence and entrepreneurial skills on the day of the event, are highly appreciated. We congratulate our students for their outstanding performance and thank the parents for their turnout in great numbers to encourage the young entrepreneurs!

Graduation Ceremony Batch 2022

An Unforgettable Graduation Ceremony: On the eve of 13th October 2023, MSB Haidery, Karachi, hosted a momentous chapter in the lives of its students. The theme, ‘MSB – The Shield from All Evil, beautifully encapsulated the strength and guidance students received throughout their academic journey.

The evening was filled with heartfelt speeches that resonated with the essence of their time at MSB. MSB proudly recognized its high-achieving graduates in HSSC Part 2, with Amena Amir leading the way with an outstanding 91%, closely followed by Qusai Bharmal (90.4%) and Batool Koteria (88.7%).

The valedictorian, Amena Amir, eloquently delivered a poignant farewell speech that left a lasting impact on all. Her words, filled with wisdom and gratitude, marked the end of an era and the beginning of new adventures.

This evening wasn’t just about celebrating achievements; it was also an opportunity for MSB to express its deep appreciation for the dedicated teachers, the pillars of students’ success. Scholarships were awarded to support students’ academic journeys, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

As MSB bids farewell to this chapter, they carry with them cherished memories and the knowledge that it has been a shield from all evil, a guiding light on their educational path. Here’s to the end of this chapter and the promising beginnings ahead.

Field Trip - Magnifiscience
Milaad Celebration

We celebrated the joyous occasion of Milaad Mubarak at MSB Haidery! On 2nd November, our school hosted a beautiful Mawkib in honour of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) and Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS)’s Milaad Mubarak.

Our students gathered in the serene Dua hall, where they immersed themselves in the inspiring life journey of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA). His Holiness’s teachings have guided Mumineen to a prosperous life, and we learned and were inspired by his wisdom.

To add a sweet touch to this blessed day, our students enjoyed FMB Barakat by savouring a glass of milk, symbolising the nourishing guidance of our beloved Syednas.

The celebration continued with a heartwarming Raudat ul Adab il Fatemi, uniting our school community in gratitude and reverence.

This is our way of spreading the love, knowledge, and blessings of this special Milaad day.