Curriculum Overview

A departure from the conventional school curriculum, our new curriculum is an adoption of global best practices in teaching and learning. It builds on upon our years-long experience in thematic teaching, and is integrated in nature: it encourages the teaching of concepts across subjects and disciplines, thus decreasing the scope of rote-memorization. Our new curriculum imbibes the principles of the following practices:

  • Project based learning: where each class produces an authentic product of learning in several subjects once every six weeks. Vital life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, self-direction and communication are strengthened in the process.
  • Experiential learning: Where our students learn concepts by doing various hands-on activities, which increases the level of their learning multifold.
  • Skill-based learning: Typically, more emphasis is given to the mastery of theory and content, in comparison to skill and ability. In our new curriculum, we strive to build subject-specific skills as well as general learning and life skills in our students.

It is hoped that educating our children under this curriculum will produce creative, smart and skilled students, and effective citizens of the future.


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