Primary Education provides students with a basic understanding of various subjects as well as skills they will use throughout their lives. To ensure students receive a quality education,

Primary Academics Section (1)
Seconadry academics Section (2)
Seconadry academics Section (3)

At MSB, we take strength from the very best of British education, which together with the expertise of well qualified teachers, deploying the very latest methods of teaching and learning, offers a curriculum that enables pupils to achieve their academic potential and ensures that each child becomes a life-long learner. From Class 1 to 5, students study Literacy, Numeracy and Science as per the framework presented by the National Curriculum. In addition, students study Uloom-e-Diniyah, History and Geography, prevalent from the age and times of the world, contextualized for students to relate history to present day, ‘around us’ facts. Art & Design has a specific cross curricular approach, whilst Information Communication Technology is studied as an extensive application-oriented subject, related to all others. also ICT, to give students the cutting edge advantage in Science and Technology.o.

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