Muntalaq Islami (English)

Al Madrasatus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah is an institution enlightened by the Islamic thought process of education. On the auspicious occasion of the 100th Milad of Syedna Taher Saifuddin R.A, Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin R.A granted us a great and glorious project Al Madrasa tus Saifiya Tul Burhaniyah an institution founded on Islamic concepts.

Aqa Moula T.U.S decrees in one of his address: “There are five principle of Meeraasul Barakat”. One is acquisition of education in the light of Islamic concepts that is illuminated by the Islamic thought process of education. Acquire all knowledge from the Islamic stand point.

  • Seeking knowledge is compulsory according to our deen in Islam.
  • Therefore it is mandatory that the base for seeking knowledge should be through deen only.
  • The base and source of knowledge is Allah Subhanahu as he is the one who gave us knowledge. As Quran says: “He has taught you what you all did not know”.
  • Hence Allah Subhanahu has related all the aspects of knowledge towards Haq.
  • Aqa Moula decrees in one of his bayan.

It is imperative that the upbringing of momineen should be according to the teaching of Quran Majeed, Islam and Emaan. All Ilm should be sought in accordance with the Islamic stand point. One should acquire education but the foundation should be based on Islam. This should be well understood.

In another bayan Aqa Moula tus decrees:

All Ilm belongs to Aale Mohammad one should seek all branches of knowledge as Allah says: “Eat form each and every fruit but the condition is that your emaan is retained”.

Decipher and study each and every Ilm. The worldly knowledge, no one refrains you from acquiring as long as your emaan is not affected.

The tree of knowledge should flourish and prosper but the roots should be on deen and emaan, then only the fruits are sweet.

The upbringing and imparting of education in Al Madrasa tus Saifiya Tul Burhaniyah is based on this theology and ilm is taught keeping in mind the Islamic stand point. We pray to Allah to prolong the life of our beloved Aqa Moula tus who is guiding us benevolently in every aspect of our life, till the Day of Judgment.

  1. Inauguration of Al Madrastus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah
    Today I have inaugurated Al Madrastus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah, in other words it the commencement of an educational revival and I hope and pray that this tree of knowledge blossoms and the beloved children of the community members in this Madrasa, receive an upbringing which is unique and unprecedented.
  2.  Discourse
    Al Madrasa tus Saifiya Tul Burhaniyah is unique amongst all schools because for this madrasa Aqa Moula tus delivered Khutba Baligah in which he gave complete guidance, vision and mission.
  3. Key Note Address
    Syedi Yousuf bhai saheb Najmuddin addressed a gathering of momineen in 1407 in Mumbai at Al Madrastus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah, this address is a beacon for AMSB as well as for all momineen.
  4. Surveillance of Saadaat Kiram Ajillah
    Huzureala tus has obliged us by bestowing the assistance of Saadaat Kiram AMSB. Due to their constant guidance and recommendation children in this Madrasa receive an upbringing which is unique and unprecedented.
  5. Under Al Vazaratus Saifiya tul Moazzama.
    Al Dawatul Hadiyah is a massive organization of Dawat.
    MSB is operating under Al Dawatul Hadiyah Al Vazaratus Saifiya Almoazzama which is a great institute.
  6. Organization of AMSB
    Dawatul Hadiyah in Badri Mahal has established a well known idarat Al Madrasatus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah. Under the constant guidance of this idara all the Madrasa around the world are jointly operating.
  7.  Sharaf of nisbat towards jamea
    Al Jamea tus Saifiya is the zaat mubaraka of Aqa Moula tus and this Madrasa has the great Sharaf of nisbat to Jamea.
  8. Barakat
    Barakat of the name of Syedna Taher Saifuddin R.A and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS every school has its own logo. it is the unique aspect of Madrasa that on it emblem is the barakat of Quran Majeed Ayat, Rasulullah’s SAW Hadees and the Barakat of the name of two Moulas.Along with this it also has the barakat , that its foundation was laid on the auspicious occasion of the 1400th birthday of Imam Hussain as and the 100th Milad of syedna Taher Saifuddin Ra
  9. Ruknul Quran al Majeed
    AMSB is established to impart education of Alquraan and to comprehend Islam and emaan there is a special corner for Quraan e Majeed in the AMSB library which was inaugurated by Syedul Ajal Hafizul Quraan Hussain bhai sahib.
  10. Different scripts of Quran Majeed are kept in Ruqan ul Quraan.
    Besides this Urdu and English translations, different narrations on quraan Majeed and many others book on this topic are kept here.
  11. Barakat of the curriculum of Al Jamea Tus Saifiya Aqa Moula tus
    Has granted the permission of gaining barakat of jamea’s curriculum in AMSB.
    Kitabut Tahrat and Daimul Islam in Al Fiqh, Muntazul Akhbar and Uyunul Akhbar in Alakhbar, Qasaid of different Alaamul Adabil Fatemi and Ayat Hadith and Kalam in Al Adab.
  12. Tilawat ud dua
    Each day the child’s education commences with tilawat of Quran Majeed, dua Mubarak, qaseeda mabaraka and a verse of Ya syeda shohadae. Akhbar ud dawat and news are also read. The assembly concludes with the tilawat of madeh and wazifatus shukar.
  13. Acknowledgement and upbringing according to Adab ud Deen.
    Under the forum of azharul mawasim different programmes and activities are conducted for mawaqeet diniyah which help children in acknowledging adab ud deen, maqamat of awliyahullah and the forming of the habit of going to masjids and mashahids on different occasions.

  14. Islamic concept
    Every subject in AMSB is taught in accordance with the Islamic concept.
    The modern atomic age is an age of speed. The pace is very fast and the times are difficult. Accordingly it’s necessary that such pure deen education centers are established for the correct and better upbringing of momineen children.
    Momineen know for certain that people of the world today are grapping with good education whilst haq Ni dawat is founded on celestial knowledge.
  15. Taharat
    Rasulullah SAW says: ”cleanliness is half of eman”. AMSB emphasise on cleanliness from the beginning and all facilities for taharat are provided to the children, because Rasulullah SAW says that namaz cannot be prayed without Taharat.
  16. Imamat Namaz
    AMSB is the only school amongst all others which has the raza of offering ZOHR and ASR namaz by imamat.this helps the children, in realizing the importance of namaz by imamat and the awareness of different arkaan of namaz and the importance of cleanliness.
  17. Upbringing along with education.
    AMSB endeavors to see that its pupils acquire knowledge form childhood in consonance with deen. When the pupil leaves the Madrasa his educational preparedness and standard are so high and at the same time his mental faculty is so trained that the fallacies of the world by education have no adverse effects on him.
  18. Uniform
    At the inauguration of AL Jamea ul Anwar Aqa Moula tus bestowed momineen with Libasul Anwar .Thus this is the uniqueness of Madrasa that boys should wear kurta ,kameez, topi, izar and girl’s scarf and balig girls should wear rida.
    This uniform is not only a matter of pride for him but also uphelds our culture.
  19. Mawaid
    Along with the nourishment of the soul children also get the barakat of mawaid in this madrasa.This help the children in awareness of eating manners. Thus the manners necessary while eating are also inbuilt in students.
  20. Discipline
    The unique feature of this madrasa is that it is devoid of those unhealthy features which one encounters in other schools in the world. the children of this educational institution are shielded against such vices and are under the very eyes of Haq na dhani and are guided by his instructions, who envisages that these children be brought up in appropriate manner.
  21. Foundation
    Today I have inaugurated AMSB.
  22. Moula tus should wish to see them.
    O gathering of momineen.your children should be up brought in such a way they have the desire of seeing Moula and Moula should be pleased to see them.
  23. Environment of the madrasa
    One sees the Adal and rituals of deen, culture of aimat fatimeen as and duat mutalqeen RA and philosophy of Momin’s life in the environment of madrasa.
  24. Philosophy of education and thought of upbringing
    On the foundation of this philosophy of education and thought of upbringing, the student teachers and parent’s of AMSB have deep faith in it.
  25. Parda compulsory for women
    Syedna Taher Saifuddin R.A and Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin R.A use to say:

You don’t know what will happen today and tomorrow is precaution is compulsory. Therefore girls should be separated from boys. In the light of this bayan misaal Mubarak from Al Vazaratus Saifiya Al moazzama AMSB has different sections for boys and girls from standard VI onwards.

  • Madrasa Tarana (Anthem)
  • Only for mumineen
    Aqa Moula tus says:

    AMSB is for Islamic and Imani education therefore it is only for momineen.

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