Mission Statement

“Physical health and mental well being, both are necessary in order to seek knowledge. If there is proper physical health, knowledge can be gained with enthusiasm. (English rendering of Noorani Kalemat)”.

Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah expects:
  • To make sports a part of every student’s life.
  • To take pride in being part of a privileged educational institute that bears the name of both Maula.
  • To develop a sense of belongingness among themselves and help one another to derive strength from others.
  • To share thoughts and ideas amongst them.
  • To inspire and be inspired by others.
  • To laud merit and applaud excellence.
  • To cooperate more than to compete.
  • To run together and not just outrun one another.
  • To celebrate triumph with gratitude and accept defeat gracefully.
  • To accept setback as feedback and learn from it; not indulge in blame game.
  • To challenge, compete, struggle and fight all in sportsman spirit and friendliness.
  • To win but without vanquishing.
  • To stand tall but without treading on others.
  • To strive to win admiration and respect more than medals and trophies.
  • To display character along with physical strength.
  • To demonstrate the unique Imaani values along with skill and prowess.

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