Nazafat Poster Competition

Nazafat Poster Competition


January 11, 2016

Al  Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah (Haidery Campus), Art Department organized a poster designing competition on the topic of NAZAFAT. Students from class IV to X participated  in their respective categories.
The program was launched on the fourth of January in tilawat ud dua by showing a presentation about the theme rules and criteria of the competition.
As per idara’s tabudaat calendar, the program was held on Monday, 11th January 2016

Time duration:
12:00 am. to 01:30 pm

Namaz and lunch break
02:00 am. to 03:00 pm

Category 1: ………Class IV & V
Category 2: …….Class V1 & V11
Category 3: …….Class V111 to X

Poster colours
Pencil colours
Crayon and pastels

Rules for judgment and evaluation:
Originality of idea
Layout and composition
Usage of medium
Selection of the caption or slogan
which covered less than 20% of the composition
Only Finished articles were judged

It was a well organized event. Students and teachers participated with great enthusiasm. Professional artist were invited to judge the entries. Each category had three winners along with a special category for teachers which had one winner. Participants were given w ith participation certificate and winners were awarded with appreciation certificate.

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