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 MSB Inter House Sports Meet 2015 | MSB

MSB Inter House Sports Meet 2015

MSB Inter House Sports Meet 2015


November 13, 2015

“Tonight- Under the moonlight we are to witness the largest gathering ever organized in the history of MSB Karachi!” Indeed it was aptly quoted by one of the commentators.

A week long sports meet reached its finale on. 13th November 2015 on the MSB Hyderi Ground. Al Hadd ul Anjab us Asab Janab Yousuf bhaisaheb; Amil Saheb, Karachi presided over the event as the chief guest. The programme started sharp at 6:30 pm with the tilawat of Al-Quran al Majeed, followed by Qasida, Marsiyah and Madeh.

Next the students who had been practicing in the sweltering heat, displayed their flexibility and agility in gymnastics and karate. The PT Display by the young primary students offered a musical, vibrant view. The band, the harmony and the discipline really showcased the maturity of the children to be able to manage an event of such magnitude with grace and poise.

The walk-past displayed the entire theme of the event i.e. Aqa Maula’s TUS emphasis on PHYSICAL FITNESS, as the students walked around the diameter of the entire MSB ground. Students from the four houses carried in their hands the props prepared on the theme of “Wal Nashitaat e Nashta” and “ Anharun min Asal e Musaffa”. Displaying health benefits, advice on healthy diet, physical exercises, the various rivers generated by Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa RA such as Ilm, Masajid, Madarees, Qarzan hasana, Faiz ul mawaid il Burhaniyah etc, the students marched along chanting slogans for their houses. It was a soulfully refreshing sight. The energy and enthusiasm of students were contagious. Not only the students loved and enjoyed it but the parents seemed overjoyed with the walk past.

The Madrasa Tarana, National Anthem, Welcome Speech by Sh Yunus bhai, all followed the series of events. The chief guest Al Had Janab Yusuf bhaisaheb was requested to declare the meet open and the final races of the athletic meet initiated. The races were a captivating site for they were designed according to the theme of physical fitness. Breakfast race where little girls of the primary carefully prepared a breakfast and made their way to the finishing line offered a delighting yet a learning experience for all.

Similarly races on the benefits of honey, with children dressed as bees, benefits of a strong friendship, emphasis on fitness to avoid obesity; displayed with inflated balloons tied around the young one’s tummies, offered an entertaining yet enlightening view.

Medals were given throughout the event and the children felt energized and exhilarated. Alhamdulilah the event shaped up well on the lines of Maula’s TUS emphasis on staying active for the benefits of mind and body.

The sports meet came to an end with the tug of war.

Yaqeen took the lead amongst all 4 houses and were declared the champions of the MSB Interhouse Athletic Meet 2015.

The event unfolded smoothly with the joint efforts of each member of the team of both MSB-Hyderi and MSB-Shabbirabad. The teachers worked tirelessly to prepare the props for the event. The teachers and students carried out their duties meticulously on and off the field. The event naturally displayed strong characteristics of an organized teamwork, enlightening gracefully on the fact that MSB Hyderi and MSB Shabbirabad in fact together make ONE strong unit as desired by our Maula Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. May such events with the dua Mubarak of Maula continue to materialize and may Allah grant our Maula TUS a long healthy and prosperous life till the day of judgement.

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