February 10, 2017

THE MSB HAIDERY ANNUAL INTERHOUSE SPORTS DAY 2017 was held on Friday, 10th February 2016.

The program started with a torch-bearing ceremony and featured a band display, a vibrant PT Drill display by students of Grades IV and V, and a  march past on the theme of the 9 Ayaat of Al Jami al Anwar’s restoration. The event consisted of a myriad of races and athletic contests, such as the 50 and 100 m sprints, obstacle and hurdle races, three legged races, formula races, Sprint and Slalom, Over the Head and Under the Leg Ball relays, Bean bag race, sack race, shuttle race, skipping race and dodge the cone. The event ended with a fantastic test of muscle and grit in a tug of war. The Green House won the trophy for the day.

The USP of this Sports Day was the participation ratio of the students, and the neck-to-neck competition throughout the day. It was a fun-filled, sporty day for the students of MSB Haidery.

The event was graciously presided by Janab Aamil Saheb Shabbir Bhaisaheb Imadi.

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