Orientation Day Secondary

Orientation Day Secondary


July 17, 2019

MSB Haidery initiated the academic year with an orientation session on the 17th of July, 2019. It was divided in two sessions: the first session consisted on a general overview of the previous year and a glimpse into the coming one.

In the first session, held in the MSB Dua Hall, M. Mohammedul Baqir bhai reviewed the achievements of the students of Al Madrasa in the domain of Dirasat Islamiyah last year; broaching the academics, Hifzul Quran programme and the events and activities under the auspices of the DI department.

Al Masool  Sh Huzaifa Bhai discussed a number of the things, particularly highlighting the theme of this year, namely, mindfulness, emphasizing its centrality in this year’s academic and pursuits and illustrating its significance with examples.

The Academic Coordinator Farhat ben Dairkee  glossed over the accomplishments of students and staff last year, mentioning academics, events, STEM, and extra-curricular activities. Student and staff achievements were lauded, and certificates, as well as prizes, were distributed for the same.

In the second session, parents headed to the respective classes, where class and subject teachers introduced themselves and oriented the parents with respect to their curricular plans, scheme of studies, and intended resources. Teachers catered to any queries the parents had regarding the academics of their wards, thus paving the way for a fruitful academic journey ahead.

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