Lets read Together

Lets read Together


November 17, 2017

The little students of MSB Haidery had a wonderful story reading session on Friday the 17th of November. Enthusiastic parents and the excited children all collected in the beautifuly decorated dua hall for the 1st session. The session began with Tilawat e Quran and syedas shohadai and fulkul hussain.
The dua hall so invitingly decorated created an environment of story telling and listening and none would want to leave without sitting and reading at every corner, Munira ben introduced the program to the students and parents, Tasneem ben then started her story reading session which engrossed her students and parents alike.  The’ Sunflower that went flop’story was beautifully read out and each child enjoyed it greatly. The children then started seeing the well spread out story books to get ready for parents to read it to them. Parents and teachers sat down in their corners and a buzz of story reading and telling commenced, A wonderful sight which will stay ingrained in memories for long.
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