Lets Narrate a Story (Preprimary)

Lets Narrate a Story (Preprimary)


March 16, 2019

A wise man once said, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the things we need most in the world.” It’s the stories that give wings to our imagination and
take us to places beyond the boundaries of our physical world and into the land of fairies, dragons and wishing trees. Since time immemorial, story telling has been an
integral part of our childhood. To keep the tradition going and to incite curiosity and the love for reading in children, MSB Haidery Pre Primary Section held a “Lets Narrate
a Story Programme” on March 16th 2019 in the Tilawat ud Dua hall where our little dear ones embarked on the enchanted journey full of imagination and inspiration.
confidently and without hesitation narrated the stories and rivayat to their dear parents.
Not forgetting our little MOC’s who
carried the entire programme in an unbelievable manner.
Every child spoke in his or her own unique way and surprised the parents and the teachers each and every minute.
scafolded their learning through their beautiful narrations of stories and rivayat and recitations of colourful rhymes.
Today our little sweet narrators took us back in the
times where our nani’s and dadi’s took us on fantasy journeys with their tales.
Today was the day where our little narrators inspired all the parents towards story telling and
this came alive when their dear parents started narrating various stories in small cocoons.
We wish the tradition goes on and on with the same spirit and in the end we pray
that may in the light and shadow of our beloved Maula tus hidayat our children keep performing with the same zeal and confidence Ameen!!!!


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