January 26, 2019

Art is an expression of life and freedom; the world is a canvas to our imagination, the above was true for the beautiful “Art Festival 2019” organised by MSB Educational Institute on Saturday, 26th January 2019.
The “Art Festival 2019” was the brainchild of Sh Yusuf Bhai Artist who teaches “Visual Arts” at the Institute run under the guidance of Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin (T.U.S) with generous help of students, teachers and parents who participated with their beautiful artwork.
The art pieces depicted many days of hard work by the participants and it seemed to have paid off rather well as everybody was visibly impressed by it.
The members of dawoodi bohra community and visitors were all greeted by rows and columns of bright and colourful artwork beautifully mounted, as they pushed through the doors of pre-primary section. Some artwork depicted scenes from “Shoppers Day Out” while some showcased the beautiful colours of “Pak Sar-Zameen” and “Festivals”. The young poets had created rhymes with breathtaking illustrations. In addition, beautiful portraits and landscapes of engaging abstract and still life, on display were an unforgettable feast for the eyes.
On the spot ‘Art Competition’ added zing to the entire event whereby more than 17 prominent schools participated.
The artwork was judged by prominent artists and faculty members associated with Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture Ms. Naheed Z Yahya, Ms. Sameera Raja, Ms. Asma Mundrawala, CEO of ARTEL Ms. Bina Ali and Mr. Husain Abbas Jesserwala.
As the day ended the total footfall was close to 1500 visitors comprising of parents and art lovers. Events as such, not only provide a platform for students to think out of the box but also give them a chance to come up with their creative ideas important for their holistic upbringing and paint a soft image of our country and its youth both locally and internationally.

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