Annual Fair 2020

Annual Fair 2020


January 25, 2020

MSB Educational Institute Haidery organized the ‘ Annual Fair2020 ‘ on the topic of ‘ Mumineen around
the world’. The Fair highlighted the journey of the Dawoodi Bohra Community from early days to the
modern era.
The uniqueness of the fair was in the fact that every aspect of research, planning, creation and lay out
was prepared by the students of the school and the organising class, std 8 did an amazing job.
The journey of Mumineen ie the Dawoodi Bohra Community spread around the world right from Egypt
to Yemen to IndoPak and onwards towards Africa, the Middle East and then to USA and Canada.The
perils of migration from India to Pakistan with dramatics extended the emotional experience to every
Africa business model was being discussed by students explaining the opportunities and growth in the
dark continent. Higher education in Australia, IT and technological growth in the USA with the use of
technology during Ashrah discourses of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) was explained by the students.
The challenges faced in the Middle East and the maintaining of the integral Bohra culture of FMB
(distribution of food) in the cold weather of Canada was impressively enacted by the little children.
This was not all, visitors entered the Food Court serving the international cuisine of all the countries
with mouth watering delicacies to be served to all.
The Fair highlighted that the diversity of each culture with their costumes, climate and food, is adopted
by the Dawoodi Bohra community yet maintaining their individual culture in every part of the world.
The spread of the community has not only been for education business and livelihood but Mumineen
have played an important part in the social, cultural and economic growth of their homeland.
The Fair highlighted the integrity in the diversity is attained by the guidance of our Maula Syedna
Mufaddal Saifuddin whose Dua and Raza makes life easy through the travails of time.
The pre primary students conducted an open day for the parents and visitors highlighting each and
every activity they go through the whole day where learning through play is the attractive factor for
little children.
The schools achievements in the field of Art, Sports and Co-curricular activities play an active role in the
holistic development leading to higher education
The school’s Higher education program offers scholarships to meritorious students for University
education also.
The Fair was visited by students and their parents, friends and family, students of other schools
dignitaries such as MNA Najeeb Haroon, Justice Qamruddin, Michael Pearson, government officials,
Chancellors of prestigious Universities Mrs Seema Mughal, Dr Valiuddin , Prof Rafi ul Haq, Prof Shahab
Siddiqui, Prof Farhat Naz, who lauded the efforts of the children as “ Par Excellence “ .
The students confidence and command over the English language along with their mother tongue was
especially appreciated by respectable MNA Mr Najeeb Haroon who was impressed by the presentation
and research done by the students.
The Fair received an overwhelming response with a footfall of over 2500 people from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00
p.m. The students delight was enormous at the successful completion of a task they had been given
ownership for, the learning and teaching objectives both greatly achieved.

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