Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations

August 16, 2019

‘To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation and one flag’
AMSB Hyderi celebrated the Patriotic Day on August 16, 2019, to mark the 73rd Independence day of our beloved nation Pakistan.
The gamut of celebration activities held in the courtyard and the Dua Hall. The entire school assembled in the courtyard at 11.00am. AL Masool Janab Shk Hozefa bhai Dohadwala hoisted the Pakistani flag and started the celebration with Cake Cutting. Afterward the children assembled in the dua hall.
‘Pakistan in the eyes of the world’ was the main theme, under which our young energetic juveniles of Grade 1-4 & 6-7 showered their ardent love and patriotism. They took us to the marvellous journey of Pakistan and its 5 provinces exhibiting their culture, language, landmarks heritage and resources. Display of each province’s delectable food speciality like dumpukht, molida, mamtu, chapshoro, biryani, kabuli pulao etc, and the ride from the southern Pakistan to the northern Pakistan, visiting magnificent tourists spots were not only commendable, but also aroused aesthetic pleasure and love for our nation.
The quiz program presented by Grade 5 students, highlighted the qualities of the legends and heroes of the country.
The talk show by grade 10, where our great renowned leaders were invited to share their aims and values behind the struggle for the independence of Pakistan was marvellous.
Beside these, the milli naghmas sung and the skit performed by grade 8, paid salute to the zealous efforts of the Pakistan’s armed forces.
At the end, Farhat Ben gave a speech reminding the students and the teachers of the sacrifices made by our leaders and made us take pledge that we would serve our motherland with heart, body and soul to bring it glory and laurels with our dignified deeds.
The main objective of our journey is to prepare a generation which could lead Pakistan towards progress and prosperity.
The children and staff were then distributed cakes. All were happy and gay on this pious and special occasion.


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  1. Kindly Post all the Pictures of the event not the selected one .. Also Post ICAT winners Pictures , Halen O Grady pictures of class 2 ( Materials) . Why teachers Send some Vedio clips of students ?Why they dont send pictures of students ..these are memories for us ..The Photos u have clicked do share it with parents ..NOT THE SELECTED ONE .

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