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Special Place

Pre primary Stage is a special place where children feel valued and imagination is alive.


We truly believe it is essential for each child to have a happy and enjoyable education. Class numbers are carefully considered in order to provide the support and attention that each child requires.

Our Objective

Our objective is to give each and every child a strong start in education in order that they progress with confidence and enthusiasm.

Primary Academics Section (1)

British Education

At MSB, we take strength from the very best of British education, which together with the expertise of well qualified teachers, deploying the very latest methods of teaching and learning, offers a curriculum that enables pupils to achieve their academic potential and ensures that each child becomes a life-long learner.

Primary Academics Section (2)


From Class 1 to 5, students study Literacy, Numeracy and Science as per the framework presented by the National Curriculum. In addition, students study Uloom-e-Diniyah, History and Geography, prevalent from the age and times of the world, contextualized for students to relate history to present day, ‘around us’ facts.

Primary Academics Section (3)

Cross Curriculum

Art & Design has a specific cross curricular approach, whilst Information Communication Technology is studied as an extensive application-oriented subject, related to all others. also ICT, to give students the cutting edge advantage in Science and Technology.

Unique Curriculum

Students in this programme follow the unique Curriculum, which continues to build on the foundations that are established in Pre-Primary and Primary sections. Most subjects advance in content and hence demands greater progression of skills acquired by students to further the knowledge gained in these year groups.

The Approach

We encourage students to think independently, use their initiative and to participate in a meaningful and active manner in the learning process. The approach to teaching and learning is based on investigation, research, questioning, projects and collaboration.

Career Counseling

MSB provides appropriate ‘career counseling’ for students in year 8, helping them to choose wisely from the AKUEB subject options.


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Affiliated with AKUEB

MSB is affiliated with AKUEB. A range of subjects, catering to a variety of academic needs and interests, are offered. These include the following subjects:
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  • Home-Science
  • English, Mathematics
  • ICT and PE
  • Biology, Physics or Chemistry


MSB Haidery

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